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ST. MARY PARISH         July 26, 2015              WEEKDAY EUCHARIST 

The Online posting may be a different day this week. The secretary is away.   Thank you for your patience.

Tues  July 28    8:30 a.m.        Tom Moore, req: Helen & Bert Moore

Wed  July 29      8:30 a.m.       Joseph Golan, req: Evelyn Collins

Thur July 30      8:30 a.m.       Mary Ellen van den Broek, req: Wilma Maas

Fri    July 31     8 :30 a.m.       Ruth & Teresa Bowier, req: Marian & Ron Flanigan

Sat    Aug 1       5:00 p.m.       Pat Orr, Happy 90th Birthday – Mary & Bob McIntee, Family & Friends



5:00 p.m.   GROUP #5 – Rebekah Sales, Olivia Napadek, Lauren Hoffman

9:30 a.m.    GROUP #1 – Melissa Van Stavern, Nathan Van Stavern, Alexandra Townsend


LECTORS                                            COMMUNION MINISTERS                  GIFTBEARERS

5:00 p.m.  Fred Buchanan                            Barry McCormick                                  Mr. & Mrs. G. Ellis

9:30 a.m.  Debra Ross                           Colleen & Carl Dalla Costa               Mr. & Mrs. B. Zeinstra


ALTAR CARE                                                CHALICE-Aug 1 - 8                  MASS FACILITATOR

Myrtle Gorman, M. Hammond                          Cathy & Bert O'Donnell                         open


CHILDREN'S LITURGY summer break                  Hall Set Upteam # 3 - July 27-Aug 1


OFFERTORY- $2,125.35                  MARYKNOLL - $141.25          Thank you.


ST. PETER MISSION - Sun 11am  -  Walter Hawkins, req: the Hawkins Family

COMMUNION  MINISTER – Christine Pfeffer         LECTOR- B. Schmitz

USHER – P. Schiestel  ALTAR SERVERS -  open

OFFERTORY - $236.60                  MARYKNOLL - $55.35         Thank you.



Let us welcome Father Cryton Outschoorn who is going to be here at Mount Forest in my absence. Father Cryton will say weekday and Sunday Masses. Please make him feel welcome.   


I will be returning from Sri Lanka mid-August.


The Secretary is on holidays July 20 -31.  The Office will re-open on Tues., Aug. 4th.   




Mrs. Pat Orr is celebrating her 90th birthday on the 1st of August. Please join us in the hall for refreshments after the 5 p.m. Mass. All are welcome to attend. 




The June ticket # is - 791898.  If you have the winning ticket, call Bill Dineen at 323-3161.





In order to accommodate parishioners to be dropped off for masses, please feel welcome to park in the parking lot or behind the church, thereby keeping all spots clear in front of the church.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation. 




On Sunday, June 7th, Bishop Crosby welcomed couples from the Hamilton Diocese celebrating 25, 40, 50, 60 or 60+ years of marriage to the annual Anniversary Mass. Four-hundred-fifty-one couples registered to attend the Mass. Collectively the couples represent 20,001 years of marriage - a living legacy of love and commitment to the vows they professed so many years ago! This year we had three couples married 70 years! Congratulations to them all! To see pictures taken at the gathering, go to: http://hamiltondiocese.com/news/2015/June/photos-annual-wedding-anniversary-mass




Today's liturgy brings together several strands of Old Testament expectation to reveal Jesus as Israel's promised Messiah and king, the Lord who comes to feed His people.


Notice the parallels between today's Gospel and First Reading. Both Elisha and Jesus face a crowd of hungry people with only a few "barley" loaves. We hear similar words about how impossible it will be to feed the crowd with so little. And in both the miraculous multiplication of bread satisfies the hungry and leaves food left over.


The Elisha story looks back to Moses, the prophet who fed God's people in the wilderness (see Exodus 16). Moses prophesied that God would send a prophet like him (see Deuteronomy 18:15-19). The crowd in today's Gospel, witnessing His miracle, identifies Jesus as that prophet.


The Gospel today again shows Jesus to be the Lord, the good shepherd, who makes His people lie down on green grass and spreads a table before them (see Psalm 23:1,5).


The miraculous feeding is a sign that God has begun to fulfill His promise, which we sing of in today's Psalm - to give His people food in due season and satisfy their desire (see Psalm 81:17).


But Jesus points to the final fulfillment of that promise in the Eucharist. He does the same things He does at the Last Supper - He takes the loaves, pronounces a blessing of thanksgiving (literally, "eucharist"), and gives the bread to the people (see Matthew 26:26). Notice, too, that 12 baskets of bread are left over, one for each of the apostles.


These are signs that should point us to the Eucharist - in which the Church founded on the apostles continues to feed us with the living bread of His body.


In this Eucharist, we are made one body with the Lord, as we hear in today's Epistle. Let us resolve again, then, to live lives worthy of such a great calling. 




You are invited to a presentation on Pope Francis's new

encyclical on care of the earth.  Presented by: Deacon Charles Fernandes & Ted Zettel.  Where: Holy Family Parish, Hanover.  When: Thursday July 30th, 7:45-9:15 pm (following 7 pm Mass)   "I urgently appeal, then, for a new dialogue about how we are shaping the future of our planet."  - Pope Francis  COME, LEARN AND JOIN IN THE CONVERSATION.





    Monday              - Rev. Dennis Noon

    Tuesday               - Rev. Francis Hubilla

    Wednesday         - Catholic Single Adults

    Thursday            - Rev. Gerald Mulhall

    Friday                 - Rev. Jan Michalski, S. Chr.

    Saturday               - Rev. Stanislaw Kuczaik, S. Chr.



Let us remember in prayer all our loved ones who have been called home to the Kingdom.  We especially pray for Reverend Monsignor Daniel Hinsperger who died on Thursday, July 16. May he rest in peace.



We pray for all our sick parishioners, especially for Harvey Moyer, Robert Vessie, Terry McCabe, Sharon Schmidt, Lorraine Schouten and for the recovery of Beatrice O'Donnell.  Please advise the office when a name is to be removed from this list.




The church is looking for a choir director and / or organist to play Sunday mornings.  Please drop a note to the Office if you or someone you know is interested in playing the organ.  We will be advertising in the local papers.  Musical background is an asset.



Found - a ladies black jacket made by Alia, Size 16. A ladies gold hoop earring.  If either are yours please contact the office for pickup. 



…. to Nathalie Orr and Luke Johnson who were united in marriage on Saturday July 25th at St. Mary's church.  May they walk together with the hand of God on their shoulder guiding them.  Blessings. 



1/  “The Eucharist is a sacrament of communion, which draws us out of our individualism in order to live together as disciples. “


2/  “Working for a just distribution of the fruits of the earth and human labor is not mere philanthropy. It is a moral obligation.”

                                        Bulletin Deadline is Wednesday Morning.rnin

CONFESSIONS:   Every Saturday at 4pm.

Sincerely, your new pastor  Rev Joe Selvanayagam 

email:  stmarymtforest@wightman.ca            Bulletin Advertising Deadline is Wed am.





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